Outperform the market with Autarco

One brand, one complete solar solution

Integrated PV software suite

A full suite of tools that make design and O&M as easy as possible while guaranteeing optimal performance.

Marketing and sales tools

Financial reports, project exports, custom quotes and marketing materials, all provided by Autarco.

One dedicated account manager

A direct line with an English-speaking contact person for all of your questions and needs.

High performance total solution

A total solution of high quality Tier-1 products from one brand, with insured performance guarantees.

Your customer's roof,
designed to perfection

Our free software allows for fast and flexible module layout designs with bankable yield calculations. Based on this layout the software can generate customized bill of materials, ballast plans, string plans and financial reports with ease. It also supports your business processes from site surveys to commissioning reports.

Every PV software suite claims to make good yield calculations, but ours are truly bankable. Using topographic data, aerial photos and meteorological data, your system design results in an exact digital twin of the total system.

A detailed shade analysis can be made for each system enabling a customized solution for the specific roof of your customer. Our yield calculations are not just an expectation, but an insured money back guarantee.

Easily measure roofs

Define install areas

Define module layouts

Calculate kWh yield

Generate documentation

Create financials

Asset management software

In addition to basic monitoring, our truly integrated platform uses the digital twin created during system design to analyse and report on system performance without any additional effort. Underperformance, issues and the need for corrective or preventive maintenance are reported to you when relevant. Task management, system history and documentation features provide all the support you need to quickly and simply execute on maintenance contracts.

Your customers get the performance visualized via MyAutarco, available as a web portal and app for both Android and iOS.

Feel the tangible benefits of a digital solar solution

Our new range of digitalised inverters integrate the best of our end-to-end software platform with new innovations that go far beyond basic fault detection and the capabilities of single component brands. Through technologies that include automatic fulfillment of O&M requirements, off-site diagnosis and preventative actions, we have redefined the approach to delivering performance made certain for solar PV.

Big Data, AI and the Cloud mean nothing until you experience the benefits of Autarco’s digital solution for real.

Learn more about digitalisation

Offer a total solution, with kWh guarantee

Our comprehensive quality management and commitment to improvement deliver high quality and reliable products at an affordable price. All Autarco components are developed in-house and work seamlessly together for the best performance.

  • High performance: our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities to deliver high performing and reliable products, at an affordable price
  • Reliable: our products are designed with a rigorous focus on reliability, optimal power conversion and environmental sustainability
  • kWh guarantee: thanks to our total solution and advanced software calculations you’re able to offer guaranteed kWh performance
Learn more about the kWh guarantee

“With Autarco I’m really confident in their system’s performance and safety, which makes me confident to sell solar solutions to my customers without risking our relationship.”

Lamfred van Lanen – CEO

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How our Partner Program works

Are you a knowledgeable and ambitious solar retailer looking for an edge to keep outgrowing the industry? Let’s get to know each other by becoming an Autarco Authorized Dealer and start enjoying some of our value adding services.

Authorized Dealer

Start doing business together


  • Proven installation of reliable solar systems
  • Dedicated business to solar solutions
  • Ambition in the solar industry
  • Looking to grow your business


  • You’re part of an exclusive Autarco dealer network
  • Marketing materials provided by Autarco
  • Tools that make O&M as easy as possible
  • Asset Management done by Autarco as a service
  • Offer your customers the unique kWh guarantee

Preferred Partner

Dedicated partnership


  • Active marketing and solid website
  • 10+ projects done or 1 MWp
  • Average system EPI > 1
  • Responsive after-sales support
  • Must have a good reputation in the market


  • Includes all Authorized Dealer benefits, and more
  • Personalised marketing materials provided by Autarco
  • Marketing budget as a percentage of your Autarco turnover
  • Autarco generates exclusive leads in your region
  • Software, sales, support and product training
  • Advanced software features including financial calculations
  • Preferred Partner badge to verify your status online

Become an Authorized Dealer

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    Solar project of 294 kWp

    May 2020 ETB van Lanen sold and installed an Autarco total solution to agro-entrepreneur Jan de Haas. A powerful system made with 878 MHE series solar panels and UX inverters.

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