The benefits of Autarco

Insured kWh guarantee

The performance of all Autarco solar energy systems is insured through the kWh Guarantee Foundation and Lloyd’s of London. That way you always have certainty, no matter what the future holds.

Value for money

Our commitment to producing quality Tier-1 products with the most advanced technology available ensures the lowest cost of energy is achieved over a system’s 25 year+ life. Our reliability creates value for you.

Rock solid business case

Thanks to our expertise and integration of our hardware with end-to-end software, we can quickly and accurately deliver bankable financial models. Make the decision to invest with a clear view on risk.

Insured kWh guarantee

The performance of Autarco systems is insured through the kWh Guarantee Foundation in collaboration with insurance company Lloyd’s of London. You will receive a cash compensation for every missed kilowatthour when the system performs less than calculated beforehand.

  • Secure: covered by Lloyd’s of London and an independent foundation
  • Meaningful: cash compensation when kWh performance is lower than promised
  • Measurable: MyAutarco automatically keeps track of performance
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The safest solar solutionsin the world

At Autarco we take safety very seriously. As the leading total solution brand in the industry, we are in a position to control many risks far better than any traditional component brand and have employed technologies to improve the safety of all our systems.

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Businesses benefitting from our total solution

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Solar energy with SDE+ subsidy for OMO schools

In 2018 and 2019, schools affiliated with Stichting Ons Middelbaar…

Solar solution of 161 kWp at ebm-papst, market leader in ventilation

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“We chose the kWh guarantee to make sure we’re insured of meeting our business case in the upcoming 10-15 years.”

Ad van Nistelrooij – Director ebm-papst Benelux

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One brand, one complete system.

Our comprehensive quality management and commitment to improvement deliver high quality and reliable products at an affordable price. All Autarco components are developed in-house and work seamlessly together for the best performance.

  • High performance: our total solution approach makes for the best performing systems possible
  • Reliable: our products are designed with a rigorous focus on reliability, optimal power conversion and environmental sustainability
  • Value for money: combining performance and reliability and offering a total solution at the best price possible
Our total solution approach

Insight. Everywhere. Anytime.

Check on your kWh production wherever you are, on any device, at any time. Every Autarco inverter transmits data to our European servers which are displayed in MyAutarco, a cloud-based monitoring platform and native mobile App for the visualisation of the performance of your solar systems.

How do we work?

1. Business case calculation

Based on your situation your installer can make an extensive shade analysis and system design using our software. This is the foundation of their quotation which includes a financial calculation. You’ll know exactly when your investment has paid itself back.

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2. Installation by an Authorized Dealer

After approving your installer’s quotation the necessary preparations for installation are made. When it’s fully installed they sign up your system at the kWh Guarantee Foundation. They will approve your system and hand you your guarantee certificate.

3. Pro-active monitoring done by Autarco

After installation we monitor your system’s performance actively. When we notice a drop in performance we will contact your installer immediately to discuss next steps, giving you peace of mind that your system is being looked after.

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