Autarco total solar solution

Design software

The Autarco system design software allows for highly precise and bankable calculations for your solar system. You’ll receive a personalised offer with an accurate performance calculation.

Total solar system

The solar panels, inverters, cables, connectors and mounting systems are all from Autarco and work together seamlessly. Autarco develops everything in-house, fully integrating hardware and software for the best performance possible.

Asset management

After installation the asset management is done by Autarco. The installer gets notified when maintenance is required. Through the MyAutarco app you can keep track of your system’s performance in real-time, wherever you are.

Insured kWh guarantee

The performance of Autarco systems is insured through the kWh Guarantee Foundation in collaboration with insurance company Lloyd’s of London. You will receive a cash compensation for every missed kilowatthour when the system performs less than calculated beforehand.

  • Secure: covered by Lloyd’s of London and an independent foundation
  • Meaningful: cash compensation when kWh performance is lower than promised
  • Measurable: MyAutarco automatically keeps track of performance
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How do we work?

As a solar brand we focus on what we do best; innovation and the most optimal total solutions. We work together with Authorized Dealers that are experts at installation and maintenance. Here’s what the process of getting an Autarco solar solution looks like.

  1. Request a quote with details about your roof
  2. We match you with the best Authorized Dealer for your situation
  3. Carefree installation by certified experts
  4. See exactly how much power you produce through MyAutarco
  5. Your investment is secured through the kWh guarantee
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Learn how an Autarco system will benefit you

For businesses

Put the roof of your business to work. A customized Autarco solar solution with a guaranteed kWh energy performance assures effective cost savings and maximum independence from energy suppliers and rising electricity costs.

Rock solid business case

For home owners

Purchasing a solar energy system can be complicated. Every component you need is offered by different brands. We do that differently, we develop our products in-house for a seamless integration and the best performance possible.

Solar made simple

For dealers

Are you looking for a supply partner that supports you to grow your business? Want to offer your customers real value and a meaningful guarantee? Learn more about becoming an Autarco Authorized Dealer or apply directly.

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