Solisplan installed an Autarco total solution at Pig Farm Netterden in September of 2019. A system consisting of high reliable and powerful Autarco MC solar panels including the unique kWh guarantee.

For the pig farm it’s important to have their CO2 footprint be as low as possible and with solar they can be fully self-sustainable. It was also important to them that their investment was secure and with the insured kWh guarantee they are benefitting from a no risk investment.

System size

463 kWp

Solar panels

1.520x MC of 305 Wp
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8x Autarco UX inverters
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Mounting system

Apex R5
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A total solution of powerful and reliable Autarco MC solar panels

This solar PV system of 463 kWp consists of 1.520 Autarco MC solar panels of which the yield is inverted by six Autarco UX inverters of 50 kW and two UX inverters of 60 kW. These MC solar panels have a really high color consistency and are very powerful at 305 Wp. The Autarco MC solar panels currently have the best value for money.

Pig Farm Netterden benefits from the unique kWh guarantee thanks to the Autarco total solution of inverters and solar panels. Solisplan used our innovative Helios software to fully design the system. The software automatically calculates the expected yield of the system, which is 484 MWh in the first year. This is insured by the kWh Guarantee Foundation, meaning for every kWh below the expected yield the company will receive a financial compensation. The business case that was calculated beforehand will for sure be met. A very safe and reliable investment.

“The kWh guarantee is of great value to us as we now have certainty with our investment.”

Jos Rijk – Co-partner

Benefitting from the SDE+ subsidy

The financial model for these kinds of projects in The Netherlands is driven largely by SDE+ subsidy, a production subsidy from the government that guarantees the market value of energy generated through renewables for a 15 year term. In other words, for the first fifteen years you receive a cash subsidy over every kWh generated. At the moment the SDE rate is just under €0.10/kWh so our insured kWh guarantee with a compensation rate of €0.10/kWh and 15 year term fits perfectly.

3 quick questions to Jos Rijk, co-partner at Pig Farm Netterden

Why is a solar total solution important to you?

We chose a total solution by Autarco because we liked to be fully taken care of by one company in the entire process. The installation happened very smoothly by Solisplan, an Authorized Dealer of Autarco. They made sure our business operations could continue like normal during installation.

What’s the reason for choosing solar to become more sustainable?

For us it’s important to have our CO2 footprint as low as possible and with solar we can be fully self-sustainable at our pig farm.

What is in your opinion the added value of a business case with kWh guarantee?

The kWh guarantee is of great value to us as we now have certainty with our investment. If the system’s yield in the future is lower than calculated beforehand we will receive a financial compensation per missed kWh. This makes for a solid business and we’re sure it will be met.

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